I-OSHAPRO Training
The I-OSHAPRO Training provides innovative, products to ensure the highest level of safety on the job site and in the workplace. With our fully customizable safety training, the most efficient and presential safety classes in the industry, and eye-catching safety decals,warning labels, hand signal charts and posters, we are committed to making safety easy and affordable.
Who We Are
We are professionals with vision providing for your safety needs. I-OSHAPRO Training is the result of well over 50 years of combined professional experience and hundreds of instructors in a variety of industries ranging from construction to maritime, government, manufacturing/industrial, and public works. Our I-OSHAPRO Training is the benefactor of this experience — designed, tested and approved for our clients , professional trainers, engineers, state safety committees, and workers alike. Our business has been helping keep job sites safe, and we are committed to excellence. Using a unique, creative approach to safety training, we’ve made safety guidelines and certification fun and retainable. The difference is noticeable!
Who We Serve
Our customers include Public Works, construction, government, utilities, and industrial entities. We have provided quality safety training for thousands of companies and employees across a variety of industries. No matter which of our products you utilize – our presential safety training courses, our safety training kits, or our personally created safety materials and supplies – you’ll discover a thorough, innovative, effective, cost-efficient product that will make your workplace safer!

International occupational safety and health association of professionals

Corporate Membership is awarded on a facility by facility basis. Corporate membership provides a facility membership and ten individual memberships to employees at that facility. Individual members may be members of the safety staff, members of the safety committee, or others determined by facility management. Individual members receive all of the benefits listed in the Individual Membership section above. Corporate members receive a 10% discount on all I-OSHAPRO products and services.

Corporate Membership in the I-OSHAPRO includes:

  • Corporate I-OSHAPRO Membership Certificate

  • 10% discount on all I-OSHAPRO products and services

  • Individual I-OSHA Memberships, for employees like:

    • Facility Manager

    • Safety Director

    • Safety Department Staff

    • Facility Manager

    • Facility Human Resources Director

    • Safety Committee Members

  • Up to ten memberships are included